The Wave – Commission for Block Island home - CODAworx

The Wave – Commission for Block Island home

Submitted by Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong



Location: Block Island, RI, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $6,500

Project Team


Pam Dickinson


The Wave, completed in July 2017, is comprised of thrown, altered and hand built porcelain with colored slip accents. It is made in 6 sections. Each section is hung on 2 nails at a 45 degree angle. It was commissioned for a client's Block island home.
Approx. 26″H x 72″L x 8″D


The client expressed an interest in creating a large dynamic ceramic wall sculpture for her Block Island home, after seeing my installations of porcelain wings, but she was not fond of birds. Given that her home sat on the shore, iconic "wave" imagery came to mind. I had created a self standing sculpture back in 2009, titled "Tsunami", which we used as inspiration and a point of departure to create a new wall hung work. See the case study on my website.


The process began with Photoshop mock up of the proposed wall sculpture, using an image of "Tsunami" and recreating it as a wall hung work in her home. I then created 3 different design samples to explore variations of the design of the segments for the client's approval. Images were sent to the client as the work progressed. Testimonial -"Working with Jocelyn was wonderful. Knowing her creative genius, I knew she would turn my concept (an ocean based wall sculpture) into a thing of beauty, custom made for our this specific spot in our Block Island home. She allowed me as much creative input as I wanted…presenting different concepts, sizes, colors, etc. along the way. It was fun to have some input into the process but largely I trusted Joycelyn’s instincts. The installation was seamless and fun! It was a brilliant experience from start to finish."