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The Virginia Patriots

Submitted by Jay Hall Carpenter

Client: Loudoun County

Location: Leesburg, VA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $340,000

Project Team

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Art Castings of Colorado

Art Castings of Colorado


David Showalter


Jay Hall Carpenter



IN 1776 THE VIRGINIA PATRIOTS answered their newborn country’s call to arms. We see a Virginia farm family walking into Leesburg, a staging ground during the Revolution. The husband will join the others of the militia as they head off to war. The wife and son must say goodbye to him momentarily, and these last few yards they walk together are as poignant as any in their lives.


In the face of the volunteer we see the resolve of the colonists to throw off the yoke of tyranny and establish a new nation. We see his pride in his fellow Virginians. We see his determination to succeed.

The son carries his father’s equipment, his powder horn and his wooden canteen, with pride. His face reflects his admiration for his father and his innocent excitement for the adventure ahead.

The wife leans into her husband and her face reveals the worry she feels about the dangers ahead. Nonetheless she walks with him and bravely supports his decision. In her right hand she holds a parting love token from her husband—a sprig of dogwood blossoms. In composing the monument to include the family, the entire nation’s commitment and sacrifice is represented. In that sense, this may be the first Revolutionary War memorial of its kind.


First contacted as a consultant in 2001, Carpenter helped the LCRWMC shape an invitational competition to find a sculptor and a design for what came to be called The Patriot Project. The competition was scheduled and Carpenter and numerous others were invited to participate. Carpenter was awarded the commission.

Because the LCRWMC was formed to bring about this one project, we offered assistance where we could. Carpenter presented the project at several fund-raisers sponsored by the DAR and the local business community. Carpenter Studios drafted contracts, created detailed budgets and timelines, and arranged and supervised installation.

Members of the committee made several studio visits at key points in the creation of The Patriots, to view progress, make suggestions, and to voice their approval. In October of 2015 the pedestal was laid on the courthouse lawn in Leesburg, and on November 11 the monument was dedicated.