The Value of N



Location: Lincoln, NE, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Matthew Placzek

Placzek Studios


University of Nebraska Lincoln Alumni Association


The Nebraska “N” Sculpture was made to stand as a landmark for the Student Alumni Center, for generations of students to come. The sculpture stands at 6 feet tall by 6 feet wide. Materials used to create the sculpture include; bronze and LED lighting. The “N” sits upon 12,000lbs precast base that is a 12 foot by 8 foot oval base. An inscription of the front of the base reads, “There is no place like Nebraska”. The inscription on the back is a message to future students; “Founded by graduates to foster a sentiment of regard for each other and our alma mater: to advance the interest of our university, whose memories, legacy, and benefits we wish to perpetuate. Nebraska Alumni Association – Established June 24, 1874”


My goal for this sculpture is to stand as a landmark for UNL, and to inspire students on their educational journey for generations to come.