Client: Victoria Park BIA

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Team Lead/Artist

Paul Magnuson

Big Art


Matthew Waddell



Devin Giles



Some of our most imaginative adventures start with a door, or portal, or a gate. Passing through these structures indicates the start of a journey beyond the known world into something transformative.

The TUNNEL is a one-way trip to another side. A series of strange, 4.5m tall cosmic structures create a tunnel of magical light, scalable from 32m(105 feet) to 50m(165 feet). “Pilots” use an interactive device to manipulate the array, creating an infinite number of patterns of light and sound guiding your path through the structures. The 3D design uses over 300 1m led bars, pixel-mapped to create a vortex of light pulling you through the structures, with over 18,000 LEDs.


Create a work of wonder combining the skills of our talented local welders, coders and other professionals. From Touch Designer to Resolume, MIG to TIG, AC to DC, Pi to Arduino, this has it all.


All Big Art projects are designed, built and presented in a collaborative process. Each contributor brings a specialized skillset that requires years of academic and practical training. Many of these collaborators do not identify as artists professionally. instead, they are professionals in their field willing to participate in creating something extraordinary