The Trees in Honor Project - CODAworx

The Trees in Honor Project

Submitted by Brian Schader

Client: Municipal

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Brian Schader

Trees in Honor/Founder


Carol Carroll

Trees in Honor/ Executive Director


Donna Beers

Trees in Honor/Media & Public Relations


Madiha Ali

Trees in Honor/Assistant Director


Barry Schader

Trees in Honor/Director of Finance


Alysia Rachel Dahir

Trees in Honor/Grant Writer




Glee Grenslitt-Sexon

Trees in Honor/Executive Assistant


This project is more than a multiple city, sculptural installation. It is a social movement. A National Campaign to raise society's collective consciousness to the true cost of freedom. Each Tree in Honor will live on, by the addition of newly sponsored tags as time goes by and for decades to come, with 100% of those proceeds dispersed by our Veterans Stewardship organization, within each community a tree proudly stands. This will enable military personnel that have not even been born yet, to be honored once their time comes. This truly is a Forever Project.


The life-size sculptural, Tree in Honor is the center piece of each benefit installation. Hung from it's branches are dog tags as leaves, displaying the names of military personnel from each community a Tree in Honor proudly stands.


Community involvement includes Veterans service organizations who will take over the responsibility of Stewardship for their local Tree in Honor. They will facilitate the disbursement of funds raised within their community.

Additional Information

Aspects: A quiet place for residents and visitors to reflect on what freedom means to them. A healing place to mourn those we have lost and an inspirational place to bring recognition to all those who have, and will protect us from harm. A peaceful spot to sit beneath a giant, gently soothing wind chime made up of thousands of shimmering tags. A space to create a dialogue with our children about patriotism, loss, honor, and commitment. An awe inspiring display of motion-filled silver leaves above, and of still, golden fallen-soldiers' leaves beneath the Tree in Honor.