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The Totem

Submitted by James Drayton

Client: Psychedelics Exhibition, Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Artist and Experience Director

Bradley G. Munkowitz

The PsyMunk Enterprise

Sculpture and Fabrication Director

Joshua John Pipic

Programming and Technical Director

Harvey Moon

Executive Producer and Creative Director of the exhibition / Commissioned the work

Jamie Drayton

Psychedelics Exhibition, Inc.


The Totem, by GMUNK, was the featured installation at Psychedelics: The Experiential Exhibition, which ran in Toronto, Canada in the fall of 2022. The 25ft tall geometric sculpture comes to life with projections, light, sound and a shaman’s soul, imbued with a deep bellowing voice that guided the audience through the stages of a Sonic Healing Ceremony.


We wanted to blow the minds of our audience with a custom installation designed to the specifications of the room. This piece also needed to communicate something about the psychedelic experience, through art and technology.


The process was long and complicated, but involved Bradley G. Munkowitz (GMUNK) as Artistic Director, working closely with Harvey Moon (Programming & Technical Director) and Joshua Pipic (Sculpture & Fabrication Director). Jamie Drayton commissioned the piece, was Executive Producer and Creative Director of the exhibition.

Additional Information

The sculpture is currently in storage in Toronto and looking for its next venue.