The Threshold Project - CODAworx

The Threshold Project

Submitted by Morrison Glass Art, LLC


Location: Bellingham, WA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Christopher Morrison


Andy Lawrence

Morrison Glass Art, LLC


The physical threshold is made of hand formed, blown glass building blocks, fitted together inside a metal column, eight feet tall. This gateway is secured into a custom built stage. This base is covered by a walkway of architectural glass bock. On either side of the threshold are full length mirrors, their reflections descending into the mirrors. We invite participants to share their intentions for a healthy planet and this intention is placed into a quilted vessel and shared on our website.


The Threshold Project was created with the intention that personal reflection guided by art can indeed change the world. Perception and reflection lead to visible action and action leads to change.


This installation was created with the assistance of four glass blowers and myself. Together, we built the mold, shaped and formed each piece. The metal armature was designed and made by Andy Lawrence, a member of team Morrison. The installation was completed by Paul Brower; curator for Western Washington University Gallery.

Additional Information

The concept of threshold is multi-layered. For Joseph Campbell’s hero, it signals the moment that the hero accepts the call to action without regard to his personal safety. For the artist, it is the moment of letting go and following the creative process without regard to how the finished art will be judged. In terms of environmental stewardship, crossing the threshold means recognizing the challenges we face, setting aside our differences and working together to create sustainable stewardship for our planet.