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The Takoma Trees

Client: Judy Sutton Moore

Location: Takoma Park, MD, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $114,000

Project Team


Judy Sutton Moore

Industry Resource

Ben Fichtner

Providence Engineering

Industry Resource

Jerry Sensenig

Charles Shirk Trucking

Industry Resource

ART Research Enterprises, Inc.


Fabrication of Three Trees out of 316L Stainless Steel and 160 Acrylic Prisms within each branch. Dimensions 20' H x 28″ w X 8″


Two of the Trees were installed as a Gateway to the Central Park of Takoma Park with a third single tree marking the back entrance to the Park. The goal of the trees from the artist prospective was to show how important it was for the community to show their dedication to the preservation of its trees and educate the children


Scale Models of the sculptures were created by the artist and ART Research Enterprises, the art foundry, and the Engineers used these models for the fabrication of the trees. The artist worked very closely with us during the fabrication process. Due to the size of the trees, two oversized tractor trailers were needed to transport to Tacoma Park. With the Artist, the truck driver and the crane operator the trees were successfully installed.

Additional Information

Location: Tacoma Park/Piney Branch Park, Takoma Park, MD.