The Sun Also Rises - CODAworx

The Sun Also Rises


Client: Private

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $8,497

Project Team


Austin, Texas Private Resident




The Sun Also Rises references the solar cycles of change we experience every day, but rarely take the time to witness. This work is about new beginnings, taking a breath and moving forward, taking time to look at the beauty around us. These moments of pause allow us to find peace in the middle of chaos. The dynamism of the layered color and playful shapes in The Sun Also Rises brings viewers’ attention back to a sense of awe at the natural world. While creating this work I am immersed in the same colors that might fill the sky.


Expanding on the color mixing that I explored in Prismatic (Installation), The Sun Also Rises continues my research into color interactions and the relationships between geometric forms. I’m advancing in my understanding of the material and its potential; I’m discovering the infinite possibilities that lie in this limited color palette. The promise of a new day and the sense of calm and renewal that a sunrise brings is the conceptual core of this series.