The Summit Santa Fe - CODAworx

The Summit Santa Fe

Submitted by MASSIVart

Client: FREL

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Art Direction, Art Curation, Production Management


Artist & Designer

Alexandre Berthiaume

Futil Inc.


Juan Pablo de la Vega


FREL, one of the leaders in the real estate sector with 60 years of breaking ground to their credit in Mexico, called upon MASSIVart to integrate art in different spaces of their luxurious office complex. The challenge was to create the most impactful architectural art installations, which would represent the location’s innovativeness, while also being intimately linked to Mexico City’s history. MASSIVart came in to collaborate on this groundbreaking project with FREL and The Beck Group, by taking care of the art direction, the curation and the production management of two major art pieces: Loom/Weave by Juan Pablo de la Vega A contemplative art piece brings serenity and inspiration to viewers at the beginning and end of the working day. Mexican artist Juan Pablo de la Vega developed an AI generative art installation, which translates data from Mexico City and the building itself into mesmerizing visuals reminiscent of traditional Mexican art weaving, giving it a contemporary twist. Fragments by Alexandre Berthiaume of Futil Inc. For this 450sqm art installation, Canadian artist and designer Alexandre Berthiaume of Futil Inc. brought the concept of a mountain’s abstraction to life by designing it and supervising the production of this large-scale piece with MASSIVart.


- Tenant attraction through the transformation of the building into an icon of Santa Fe's financial district, inspiring the community of the building.
- Each artwork has its own story to tell, helping to foster conversation and connection within the community, while also increasing awareness and as a result, the asset value.
- With this strategic creative vision, the goal is to position art & culture as the cornerstones that enable the creation of a vibrant community through stronger and more authentic connections.
- Enhance innovation & creativity.
- Make art & culture more accessible and present in the world, creating positive change in the world.

Additional Information

Loom/Weave by Juan Pablo de la Vega uses static data such as the records of the building and the city’s orography, as well as real-time data on humidity, wind speed, temperature, and precipitation in the vicinity of the building, and local data on the light and sound intensity, and movement. These are integrated at different points within the algorithm that generates the visual of the weave. This makes this creation a constantly new work that never shows the same visualizations twice, which allows the tenants and visitors to experience a different art piece every day. The art weaving visualizations bring the notion of a “social fabric” as in fabricating a community, it's also a new way of seeing Mexican heritage. Fragments by Alexandre Berthiaume is composed of 67 cells, 428 triangulations, 622 mirrored surfaces, 1.5km of square tubing for the backing structure and 1,866 pieces that had to be measured and quoted to be custom made. The artist relied on the studies of Voronoi Tessellation, which is a type of geometric fragmentation found often in nature. This allowed him to create a cell system that is then blown up in volume by triangular facets. The natural light of the sun and the complimentary artificial lighting complement each other to create a vibrant and dynamic presence.