The Spring (Swimming with Sharks) - CODAworx

The Spring (Swimming with Sharks)


Client: JhSnyder and Co.

Location: Hollywood, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $450,000

Project Team


Jenna Didier


Public Art Consultant

Corinne Weitzman

Weitzman Art Consulting


Michael Wise

Jh Snyder

Structural engineering

Anna Tam

Nous Engineering

Steel fabrication

Edwin Ramirez

Ramirez Ironworks Group

Enameled steel graphics panels

Steve Vandyk

KVO Industries

site installation

Plas-Tal Manufacturing Co.


This 50 foot by 10 foot tall sculpture by Jenna Didier flanks a pedestrian walkway in Hollywood. An uncoiling spring of steel ribbons admits sight lines through the gaps to graphics mounted within the sculpture. As viewers walk/ drive/ scoot past, the graphics animate. The animation is analog – using a barrier grid technique (similar to another early cinematic device, the zoetrope — only one walks past it instead of spinning it). LEDs change color and bring different graphic layers to the foreground depending on the soil moisture levels of the catchment basin beneath the sculpture. Water levels vary depending on storm events – dramatizing the function of the catchment basin as an “urban spring” that slowly releases water into the watershed.

Didier’s work often incorporates environmentally-responsible techniques and promotes awareness of the reciprocal relationship of humans and their environment.


The imagery contained within the sculpture reminds one of the treasurous waters one must tread while striving to “make it” in Hollywood. An inquisitive viewer will find a deeper connection to the land Hollywood was built upon and its water cycle. The artwork is perched over and responds to water levels in the stormwater collection system that flanks the entry lobby. The dynamic presence of the sculpture welcomes daily workers to WeWork Hollywood, and attracts tourists passing by on the sidewalk to stroll over for a closer look at the animations swimming within the sculpture as one's perspective shifts. How is Hollywood connected to the watershed? To the sea? The Spring gradually seeps captured stormwater into underground conduits back to the sea.