The Sine Between You And Me - CODAworx

The Sine Between You And Me


Location: New York City, NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $11,000

Project Team


Seema Lisa Pandya

Wood Fabricator

LeNoble Lumber

LeNoble Lumber


Made from reclaimed tabla drumheads and wood. This piece is inspired by the nature of sine waves as an exchange of forces that make up the fabric of reality. “You and Me” are carved out of the wood representing a co-defined exchange of an inclusion and exclusion waving dynamic. This is also the first merger of Seema’s Amoebic Void Series and Tabla Sculpture Series. The piece is made from reclaimed leather drumheads of the Indian classical tabla drum. Each round drumhead has had hundreds of hours of concentrated energetic rhythmic touch by musicians until the skin is no longer usable. This piece was debuted at the Museum of Modern Art – Long Island. 9.5’ x 2’- 4” x 7”.



Additional Information

This piece is assembled in three pieces and is mounded with standoffs so it floats 1" off the wall for shadow play.