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The Shape of Time and Water

Submitted by Phil Proctor

Client: City of Duluth, Georgia

Location: Duluth, GA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Phil Proctor

Nucleus Sculpture Studio

City of Duluth

City of Duluth


The sculpture is composed of 120 year old steel from the historic Rogers Bridge and is meant to represent the water as it embraces the bridge column. This constant and boundless interaction between earth and water brings the river to life. The sculpture is also a literal passageway. It is a symbol that represents the connection between two places; the driving force for the restoration of the new bridge and the partnership of the communities it connects. This composition is anchored through two massive cast concrete columns which were inspired by many of the stone and concrete bridge columns along the Chattahoochee River.


The main goal of this project was to utilize the 120 year old historic steel and repurpose in a new inspiring way for the community and visitors to the park and river.

Additional Information

Salvaged bridge components, board formed concrete Approximate dimensions: 18’ width x 7’ depth x 27’ tall