The Shape of Light - CODAworx

The Shape of Light

Submitted by Paper Sun Lightsculpture

Client: Anders Hinrichson

Location: Carlsbad, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Anders Hinrichson


Alessandra Colfi



William Leslie


I was commissioned to create a large hanging lightsculpture for the entryway of a two story home. The chandelier is 9 feet high, 6 feet diameter and features 17 LED bulbs that are capable of changing color with a hand held remote.


This newly constructed home is very modern. This piece stands out in sharp contrast to the spare use of furniture throughout. The client is from Denmark and prefers low key furnishings, so the chandelier normally is seen with only warm white color or with the bulbs off with the surface seen as pearlescent white (as pictured in the last photo). On festive occasions the colors are selected to suit. The teen daughter of the client had lots of fun choosing the combinations you see here.


The client saw a custom chandelier I had done a year earlier in a home down his street and called me to come by and propose an idea to fill his large, open entryway. After looking at my portfolio we decided on a design called “Zephyr” of which I had done a much smaller version before. Size was an important consideration as we did not want a piece so small it would be lost in the space nor so large it would appear overbearing. So I brought in a naked frame to hold in the space and, over two visits, we adjusted the size accordingly.

Additional Information

What makes this piece unique is the custom fit to the space with the extant decor and, especially, a new LED technology that allows for the choice of color combinations, including fading into and out of several colors, all controlled with a hand held remote.