The Seven Muses - CODAworx

The Seven Muses

Submitted by Stephen Knapp

Client: The Eisemann Center for Performing Arts

Location: Richardson, USA

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Bruce C. MacPherson


Bill Fox


Stephen Knapp


This is a 31’ x 95’ lightpainting, consisting of seven 75 watt fixtures and 150 or more pieces of shaped and polished glass that has been specially coated to act like a selective prism. As light passes through the glass it is refracted into one color and the complement is reflected equally brilliantly. As the light strikes another piece of glass from either the reflected or transmitted light the process repeats itself until a lightpainting is completed. The only paint on the wall is white.


The Eisemann Center for Performing Arts is a major draw in Richardson and areas just north of Dallas. They were searching for a signature piece that could be seen from the plaza outside as well as within. The space had been left by the architect with the understanding that the client would find something appropriate for the wall that would tell the story of performance and my selection was at the end of a few years of searching.


The original concept was to work on the long wall to the right of the openings but as we talked and they showed me what went on in the center, from dance and music to lectures, it became clear that creating work that would

Additional Information

It is important to note that this is a "green" project. As in all my public lightpaintings this uses light so efficiently that we were able to eliminate much of the existing light in the foyer. In this case seven 75W low voltage fixtures replaced over 10,000 watts of light. When they are able to rewire the zones in the lobby to adjust the rest of the lighting the savings will be even greater.