The Seven Lucky Gods of Japan


Client: Tokyo HUD / Yendo Associates

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Completion date: 1995

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Douglas Freeman

Doug Freeman Studio LLC

Industry Resource

Yasuto Kodaira

Taisei Corperation

City Coordination

Takuya Murakami

HUD Tokyo


Mas Yendo, Naohiko Yanagihara, Mineo Kato

Yendo Associates


Seven life size figures in bronze.


The Seven Lucky Gods were chosen as a theme to bring luck to a new development in the Akabane District of Tokyo.


Working closely with the architects Yendo Associates I created the traditional Lucky Gods with a fresh approach.

Additional Information

Joan Mondale wife of Ambassador Walter Mondale spoke at the dedication. Just after the dedication I was approached by the lead architect who said " we have a problem. there is too much luck focused in this area now. " This led to another project of Seven Animal Messengers from The Lucky Gods spreading the luck around.