The Seed of Time - CODAworx

The Seed of Time

Submitted by Giacomo Garziano

Client: Private

Location: Altamura, Italy

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Matteo Garbagnati



Elephants and Volcanoes

Elephants and Volcanoes


Giacomo Garziano


GG-loop transformed an old Italian family house into a house-museum. The exterior “Gentle Genius” is a 230m2 facade refurbishment in EIFS (Exterior insulation finishing system) composed of a combination of 24 different 3d-molded EPS panels. The interior “the Infection” is a Voronoi-based storage system. 100 unique plywood cells are digitally prefabricated and assembled on site to host all living functions. The artist collective Elephants&Volcanoes was invited to enact an art intervention where the visitors’ senses could be fully involved in the experience of the space.