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The Seaport Menorah

Submitted by Moully Art

Client: Howard Hughes Corporation

Location: New York , NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team

Lead Artist

Yitzchok Moully

Moully Art

Creative Solutions

Jose Perez

Moully Art

Vice President, Marketing

Ellie Chamberland

The Howard Hughes Corporation


The Seaport Menorah, stands as an innovative beacon in the world of Jewish public art. Its design pays homage to Seaport’s rich maritime history, drawing inspiration from the imagery of a sail. Crafted from stainless steel, the menorah stands 15 feet tall, illuminating the east river overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge.


The Seaport Menorah aims to transcend the conventional interpretation of the menorah as a solely religious symbol. Its design and placement strive to integrate this ritual object into the realm of public art, breathing new life into its interpretation and appreciation.

By reinventing the menorah as a piece of public art, it reaches beyond its traditional religious function and invites people from all walks of life to engage with its form and symbolism. It stands not only as an emblem of the Chanukah festival but as a beacon of light and shared human connection, inviting communal interaction and shared experiences.


The Howard Hughes Corporation, commissioned Yitzchok Moully to create the Seaport Menorah. The local Chabad Rabbi was instrumental in forging this connection, endorsing Moully's blend of Jewish tradition with contemporary art. This collaboration successfully merged community, creativity, and commerce, resulting in a remarkable piece of public art that enhances community ties and uplifts the shared cultural landscape.