The Roots of the World - CODAworx

The Roots of the World

Client: Swedish National Museums of World Culture

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Mirek Struzik


Exhibition Producer

Johan Rödström

National Museums of World Culture


The Roots of the World is a sculpture created with children in mind. It also deeply reaches to the history of culture, as far as to the Plato’s cave allegory and his concept of shadows cast on the wall of a cave. It is an interactive piece that allows the kids to climb safely (it is also an element of a playground). The sculpture’s physical structure is meant to look like giant roots that surround the Earth. These roots connect all human cultures on the planet, so we, as a species can exchange information and our cultures can mix in a diverse way. To make things even more suggestive, the sculpture is equipped with lamps and speakers that play an audio-visual show about the elements of nature to the kids playing with it, when they enter and start the program.


The goal was to create and interactive, climbable and educational sculpture that would be a fun toy for the kids on the Etnography Museum's in Stockholm's playground.


We built a steel frame, covered it with hard foam and then a wood-immitating resin composite.
We also included a dynamic RGB lighting system and two speakers, so the sculptures plays an intriguing show about the elements of nature for the kids.