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Sticks and Stones – Suspended Stairwell Sculpture


Client: Private Client

Location: St. Helena, CA, United States

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $130,000

Project Team


Private Client

Gordon Huether Studio


This private residence is situated in a carved-out rock hillside that created the dominant theme for the home and the artwork.

Huether created the 38-foot-tall (and three (3) foot wide) sculpture that spans the entire height of the three-story stairwell at The Rock, in keeping with the other works created for the residence. Master glass blower Jeremy Cline created the glass rods at Huether's direction to resemble driftwood.


Wanting to weave custom furnishings, finishes and art throughout this unique and stunning private residence in Napa Valley, California, the client requested that Huether create five major installations throughout the home, including Sticks and Stones.


The artist worked closely with the residents to create fully integrated artwork that weaves into the overall theme of the home and adds unique, one-of-a-kind art elements. The sculpture was assembled in an improvisational manner, from the bottom up through the 3 stories. The rods, along with slender fins of dichroic glass provide light-sensitive bands of color that reflect onto the walls and adjacent surfaces. The suspension of this massive, fragile-looking, elegant piece creates a sense of pleasurable suspense.

Additional Information

Sticks and Stones spans the entire volume of a 38’ stairwell. Blown glass rods and slender fins of dichroic glass provide light sensitive bands of color that dance and awaken adjacent surfaces. This installation is elegant, massive yet fragile looking, intriguing qualities that engage all viewers.