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The Portal: Delta Air Lines

Client: Delta Air Lines / Delta Sky Clubs

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Art Curator

Susan Gibbs

Twinhouse Art Advisory

Video Installation Artist

Cheryl Maeder

Cheryl Maeder Studio


Mary Tidy Coyle


‘The Portal’ Installation which features a collection of my video installations, was selected by the art curator for Delta Air Lines to be installed at the Delta Sky Club, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. ‘The Portal’ Installation was also successfully installed at the Los Angeles International Airport in 2022. In the near future, it will be installed at the Delta Sky Club at Miami International Airport, as well as, in Delta Air Lines permanent collection.


The art curator chose my video installations to create an immersive art experience for the guests at the Delta Sky Club lounges. Each of the video installations are unique and original works of art that create a meditative and poetic experience for the audience. My video installations fundamentally revolve around the concept of connection to the environment, to oneself, to others, and to all living beings.


In the months leading up to the install, I worked closely with the art curator to create the look and feel of the installation and to determine which video installations worked best for the various Delta Sky Clubs and Delta Air Lines permanent collection.

Additional Information

The creation of my work involves an intricate process, including location scouting, meticulous planning, on-site experimentation, extensive shooting, and the hope for cooperative weather to enhance the final outcome. All these efforts converge to capture a fleeting moment when all elements harmonize. My work unveils the potent energies at play on our planet, normally invisible to the naked eye but internally sensed during moments of profound wonder. My short films convey a sense of witnessing something profound, inviting observers to recognize the interconnectedness of the universe and urging them to allow this sense of connection to be more present in their lives.