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The Pearl

Client: Royal Caribbean Group

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2024

Project Team




Architect for Underlying Structure

Wilson Butler Architects

Wilson Butler Architects


Spanning over 14 meters and with a diameter of 15.3 meters, The Pearl is composed of nearly 3,000 computer-driven kinetic tiles. This awe-inspiring work stands out not only for its sheer size but also for its ability to capture the essence of the ocean. The sculpture beautifully simulates various natural phenomena such as rolling waves, gentle breezes, shooting stars, and the dynamic ocean surface. Drawing its inspiration from the sea, the tiles are arranged in a Fibonacci sequence, echoing patterns found in marine life.

What sets the artwork apart is its utilization of data from nature. The sculpture’s movements are influenced by real-time tidal and wind data from the Caribbean. By pulling this data from the web, it allows the piece to continuously transform, reflecting the current environmental conditions in an ever-evolving display of calmness or intensity.

The journey to bring The Pearl to life spanned over four years by BREAKFAST. This period was marked by innovative conceptualization, design, and custom fabrication of each part, underscoring the artist and their studio’s commitment to craftsmanship and detailed execution.


The goal for this sculpture was not only to stun and amaze people as they boarded the ship but also to continue mesmerizing them throughout their week-long journey each time they passed the sculpture.