The Oddwood Tree @ Area15 - CODAworx

The Oddwood Tree @ Area15

Submitted by Color+light

Client: Area15 / Fisher Brothers

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $500,000

Project Team

Lead Engineer

Jacob Lampack

Sculptural Partner

Gary Hanick



Towering 28 foot tall, with over 50,000 LEDs, The Oddwood Tree is a re-imagined Oak Tree that is the centerpiece of the experiential space Area15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Each and every LED is mapped in 3D space, and individually addressable. This, combined with our 3D LED lighting engine, brings this tree to life in ways never before seen.

The tree is made of cold rolled steel, a special bark material, and a proprietary electrical system. The Leaves and Twig system are made from aluminum die cast metal, polycarbonate plastic, and LED PCBs.


To act as both a visual and storytelling centerpiece of Area15. There was a bar built beneath the tree, which makes the space a joy to be in. The tree was specifically designed to tower over the rectangular footprint of the bar.

Additional Information

A 2,500-square-foot, open-space cocktail bar with jaw-dropping design. A juxtaposition of color and worn wood, Oddwood at AREA 15 presents a breathtaking centerpiece - a 25-foot-tall Japanese maple tree that has been reimagined and imbued with light. Each the tree's 5,000 leaves are lined with individually-programmed LED lights, which combine to create mesmerizing patterns and effects made up of rainbow of ever-swirling colors. Our tree pulses with us, for us, as us, in a breathtaking spectacle of art revering nature.