The Oasis - CODAworx

The Oasis

Client: Westfield Malls

Location: Clearwater, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


The Urban Conga


Westfield Malls


“The Oasis” is an immersive installation created to be a pleasant and peaceful area among the chaotic routine of the mall. It becomes a sanctuary of conversation, relaxation, and play. The piece is made up of nearly 1,000 foam tubes that create an organic water-like form sitting within a series of dichroic walls. A space for people to stop, engage, and connect with the people around them. The design uses its playfulness of materials to break barriers and connect people within the once disconnected chaotic space. The piece takes up approx 900 sqft of space that was once just a pass-through for shoppers.


The goal with "The Oasis" was to create a place that would spark community activity and social interaction through play. Breaking the normal chaotic routine of shopping and encouraging people to linger within the mall for a longer period of time. This begins to not only create social connections within the space, but also gets people spending more money within the mall itself.


For this project, we worked with Westfield Malls and designed an installation around a theme they had selected. For this piece they wanted it to relate to the ocean.