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The Newtonian Proxies

Client: Duluth Omni Theater at the DECC : Duluth Public Arts Commission Percent for Arts Program

Location: Duluth, MN, United States

Completion date: 1997

Artwork budget: $34,000

Project Team


Katherine Jones



The “Newtonian Proxies” were created to entice and engage the viewer entering the Omni Theater. A site specific work, it references the Auroral lights, the lake and lake markers, navigational and scientific instruments. Consisting of four discrete object “sets” it integrates with the building designed to mimic an ore shop pushing through the ice. The complete installation encompasses a 45 foot high, 100 foot by 35 foot space.


The "Proxies" and the "Flibbertigibbets" create an introductory stage for the Omni screenings and an inquisitive spacial experience related to both the activities of the theater and the visual intent of the building as object. A reflection of the architects vision for the implied "ship" and the experience of being aboard.


Bohemiawerks artists developed the works specific content and integration of the installation in response to the information gleaned in meetings with the stakeholders and architects for the project while working within their individual ideation process, spacial, and object interests.

Additional Information

This work features an Auroral Cone with Flow Animated Neon Tubing to create a modulating color field. The top of the cone is an illuminated “wave” pattern surrounding the center buoy; a illuminated staircase mounted quadrant; and Kinetic illuminated flying objects (the Flibbertigibbets) suspended from cables running across the space. Materials: Adhered vinyl covered and painted formed and welded Aluminum sheet, Polycarbonate and Acrylic Plastics, Composite foam and Fiberglass, Neon tubing, Electric motors and electronic control components.