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The Nature of Healing

Submitted by Randy Fein


Location: PORTLAND, ME, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Elise Melagro

Art Consultant

Pam Wilkins-Horowitz

Principal Wilkins Art Associates


Randy Fein


Maine Medical Center was seeking durable ceramic art for a reception corridor leading to the new Emergency Room Wing The art work I chose to create ins Nature themed Bringing the Natural world into the Hospital environment creates a healing and peaceful place for hospital visitors to relax
The work is created in 3 sections each features an aspect of the natural world celebrating the Maine landscape


It was all about interrogation
for example art work had to be above gurney height as many patients are flown in and come down this hallway
Subject and theme had to be appropriate to create a healing atmosphere in an otherwise boring and sterile corridor


It was endless
I did numerous drawings met with hospital staff and consultant maintenance and carpentry department Met with PR dept as well as Emergency room staff
All in all it was an exciting and interesting process

Additional Information

Hospital staff and visitors really enjoy the art installations .They often express that it is a work that they can revisit time and time again and see more details and stories in the work that interests them The staff love that the work is tactile and that the work features springtime reminding us of of the cycle of life