Submitted by Taiwanese American Arts Council

Client: Tenri Cultural Institute

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Kenneth Howell

Taiwanese American Arts Council


THE MOMENT: Contemporary Taiwanese American Arts, is part of the Taiwan and America Art Programs in New York as well as the first exchange activity of Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MoCA, Taipei) in the US. Ten Taiwanese artists work include outdoor installatiosn, sculpture of public art, mural, performance at Tenri Cultural Institute. With the purpose of displaying the diverse creativity and techniques of Taiwanese artists and the multifaceted issues in their works. The ten artists from Taiwan present their exuberant creativity and amazing artworks on the international stage of New York.


In terms of creative media and artistic expression, one can see the creative ingenuity of the ten artists, which reflects the richness of Taiwanese contemporary art in general, including Yahon Chang’s contemporary ink painting and sculpture, Kuang-yu Lee’s bronze sculpture, Wen-fu Yu’s outdoor installation of bamboo sticks and indoor feather painting, Candy Bird’s graffiti and indoor installation, Zan-lu Huang’s video and acrylic painting, Hsiao-hua Wang’s object and mixed media work, Pey-chwen Lin’s new media installation, Dondon Houmwm’s video installation, Yili Yeh’s performance and installation, and Wei-hui Hsu’s sculpture made with facial masks.


Yahon Chang cares about the innumerable aspects of humanity, taking a closer look at life through various human faces. Kuang-yu Lee’s new works of sculpture exceed mere appearance, beckoning at an elevation to a spiritual level. Wen-fu Yu employs his most familiar creative medium, the bamboo sticks, and creates a Taiwanese landscape. Candy Bird comes to the headquarters of graffiti, New York to create mural onsite, painting his interpretation of the city.
Zang-lun Huang’s video and graphic works investigate the relationship between individuals as well as depict his observations of this world. Hsiao-hua Wang uses ready-made objects found in Taiwan and New York, and creates her works onsite. Pey-chwen Lin utilizes the virtual images of the endemic butterflies in Taiwan to invoke humanity’s awareness of the environment. Dondon Houmwm his work based on travels from the indigenous native home to the urban area of Taipei, and eventually to the international metropolitan New York. Yili Yeh conducts live art performances, through discuss the frame of mind and will of an artist struggling to survive. Wei-hui Hsu presents numerous tiny female soldiers carrying a gigantic ball, reflecting the difficult role of contemporary women need to be simultaneously romantic and strong.