Submitted by Taiwanese American Arts Council


Location: Queens, NY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Luchia Lee

Taiwanese American Arts Council


Luchia Lee

Taiwanese American Arts Council


As defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary, “moment” can mean a minute portion of time, importance, a stage in historical or logical development, or the product of quantity (as a force) and the distance to a particular axis or point. While presentation through visual practice has many different interpretations, artwork displays its own physical and psychological moment. The Moment is a glance to visualize a picture, an object, a location, a person, or a memory.


The Moment is a live direct or indirect program that brings participants to view, physically touch, and spiritually experience elements that might be generated through graphic, sound, video, or other art presentation. Through re-interpreting the idea of festival, we take technology to a wider application in the real world. Creative humanness, when the visitor is watching a video, seated at a computer, or touching a screen, will supplement reality and increase the two dimensional plane to a time axle moment. In one direction, it points to the past, and in another direction it imagines the future.


Participating Artists:

1. Chin Pao CHEN 陳敬寳
2. Yu-Ting FENG 馮鈺婷
3. Chemin HSIAO 蕭喆旻
4. Scottie HUANG 黃致傑
5. Shih Chieh HUANG 黃世傑
6. Ming Jer KUO 郭明哲
7. Daniel LEE李小鏡
8. HsiangLu MENG 孟祥璐
9. Hao NI倪灝
10. Mennie Hsiu-Ying SHEN 沈秀穎
11. Amy ChingChun WEN溫淨淳
12. Chin Chih YANG 楊金池
13. C.J. YEH 葉謹睿
14. Rosalie YU 余香瑩

Additional Information

THE MOMENT at New York Hall of Science Contemporary Taiwanese American Arts Curators: Luchia Meihua Lee, Maple Yu-chieh Lin, C.J. Yeh Co-organizers: Taiwanese American Arts Council New York Hall of Science (logo) Credit In Partnership with Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei Date: August 8th -September 13th, 2015 Opening reception: August 8, 2015 3-5 pm