The Maven Hotel - CODAworx

The Maven Hotel

Submitted by Magik Studios

Client: The Maven Hotel - zBlock Association

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $38,000

Project Team


Meredith Steele

Magik Studios


Kristen Fogarty

Magik Studios


Located in Denver’s art filled micro-district, Dairy Block, The Maven is an expertly curated, experiential boutique hotel. The concept, ‘Makers’, was inspired by the meaning of the word ‘maven’ – an expert or connoisseur. The Dairy Block is full of mavens of all crafts – local businesses with ethical practices that value quality over quantity. The composition of hands, tools & trinkets woven with growing vines represents harmony between the makers and the greatest maker, Mother Earth.


The Maven is an expertly curated, experiential boutique hotel. Our client wanted the mural to celebrate the abundance of craftsmanship & creativity found within the Dairy Block. It was also important to keep the mural cohesive with the hotel's overall aesthetic.


We spent the majority of six days on a boom lift bringing this golden montage to life. We worked with our client, zBlock Association, for over a year designing and refining the concept. After a the deposit was paid and contract signed, we delivered an initial design proposal. Then, there were two rounds of revisions to the design (after client feedback).

Additional Information

Client: The Maven Hotel Space: Hotel Exterior Painting Timeline: 6 days Location: Dairy Block, Downtown Denver, CO