The Life of Stars — Tenderness of Rain


Client: Sino Group

Location: Zhengzhou, China

Completion date: 2016

Project Team

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UAP Shanghai

UAP (Urban Art Projects)


Lindy Lee


Internationally renowned Australian-Chinese artist Lindy Lee’s The Life of Stars — Tenderness of Rain signals the successful ongoing collaboration between the Australian-Chinese artist and UAP. Hovering atop a water landscape in the award-winning Province Midtown Cultural Centre in China, the egg-shaped sculpture is symbolic of earth, the beginning of life, birth and renewal. Lee’s pattern of concentric circles offers a powerful symbol of interconnection, representing relationships, friends, families and communities and the idea that wellbeing occurs naturally when both the individual and the power of interconnection is in balance.


Fabricated in stainless steel, the 6-metre-long work is illuminated internally at night, casting light and pattern across the surrounding water. UAP collaborated with Lindy Lee on the development, fabrication and installation of this work which now sits at the heart of the award-winning Province Midtown Cultural Centre.