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the Kouros project

Submitted by Nikos Lamprinos

Client: Private collector

Location: Athens, Greece

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team


Nikos Lamprinos

Nikos Lamprinos art studio


Nikos Marinis

Nikos Marinis studio


The owners of the residence fell in love with my work so they asked me to make them a new piece of art. They bought the house in the heart of Athens and they wanted an artwork inspired by the male form columns called “Kouros” which can be found in the cities monuments. The finale piece, called “Kouros” was born, and after a couple of weeks the artwork found its’ place!


the goals were to make a large-scale, vertical artwork inspired by Kouros, maintaining my characteristic geometrical language.


After a lot of sketches, when the idea for the final piece was ready, I stretched the canvas on the given sizes wooden frame. The work was made using oil colors.

Additional Information

With my work being geometrical, my main worries are about limits. In this new series, I'm dividing the landscape. At the same time, the question is raised about unity and its part on the whole with the color on a key role.