The Infinite Gaze - CODAworx

The Infinite Gaze

Client: Midway

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Virginia Fleck



Curatorial and Project Manager

Weingarten Art Group


A series of three reflective, infinity shapes were installed on the exterior midnight blue wall and major passageway of a downtown shopping center in Houston, TX. These infinities, which were conceived by artist, Virginia Fleck, are manifested as a mirror encounter that fractures the reflection of the viewer to encompass the sky, the changing light, and the larger landscape.

Midway worked with Weingarten Art Group to commission a temporary, public artwork in the GreenStreet shopping center.


The goal for this installation was to invite people into an experience as they entered the GreenStreet center, a place known for its community and culture. Fleck’s vision for viewers to both look at their own reflection and consider the infinities beyond their perception created a compelling juxtaposition. What was once a passageway has now become a place of contemplation and unexpected delight for visitors and residents.