The Horizon within the Walls - CODAworx

The Horizon within the Walls

Submitted by Giovanni Veronesi

Client: Stockland

Location: Maquarie, Australia

Completion date: 2024

Artwork budget: $280,000

Project Team


UAP Team



Stockland Team



The Horizon within the Walls is a proposal that stems from the commission brief ”Ignite Imagination” as an expression of boundless creative possibility. A vibrant palette of colours is used, capturing a three-dimensional chromatic spectrum using 26 discreet tones in a glorious burst of optimism. The harmonious diversity of the rich rainbow colours affirms diversity as a core value of the M_Park Community. The Horizon within the Walls is also a representation of wild creative energy, harnessed by capability. Creativity, at its heart, is about identifying the challenges and the opportunities posed by a task to then weave them into a deliberate output. Upon closer inspection, the work’s details reveal that this explosion of colour is made from flat sheets elegantly bolted together. Mastery of limitations delivers freedom, and the walls once thought of as a barrier reveal the horizon within.


Stockland M_Park is an innovation ecosystem for bioscience and technology innovators looking to explore their fullest potential, designed to inspire, connect and thrive. Located in the heart of Macquarie Park in Northern Sydney, the M_Park precinct is expected to deliver 55,000m2 NLA of A-grade commercial and retail space.
At the end of 2020 Stockland sought Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Australian professional artists to deliver "An original, physical 3D artwork specifically designed and created by a local artist for public display that enhances the bioscience and tech. ecosystem, whilst inspiring community pride and a sense of belonging, and creating a stronger connection to community cultural life. [...] creative and innovative design, use of form, technique and materials, at the forefront of new ideas and sustainable practice. All execution must conform to risk and safety in design standards, whilst being robust, durable and low maintenance.”


The project was awarded through an open call for Expressions of Interest at the End of 2020. Veronesi and UAP worked together in the design development phase, iterating the quantitative aspects of the work towards meeting the project's budget. Veronesi and Stockland worked closely to determine the final location of the work.