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The Guardian Of The River

Submitted by Rafael Consuegra

Client: City Of Jacksonville

Location: Jacksonville, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Rafael Consuegra


Mason Martin

Project Manager The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville


The Sculpture is a feminine figure with wings. Measures 18’ High and 6’ W with over ground concrete base of 2’H x 3’W x 3’D. Location: Downtown, City of Jacksonville, FL. Year 2017


The woman represents maternity; the wings symbolize the liberty and freedom, the waiving arrow in her hands is pointing to the North meaning the direction of the river. Putting all my ideas and inspiration together the name of the sculpture was The Guardian of the River.
My main objective was to create a stop point where everybody will take a picture standing by it or sitting on the base. The Purpose of my sculpture is to create a symbol for the City of Jacksonville