Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

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cr metal

Haligon Fine Arts

Industry Resource

CR Metals


Zammy Migdal


Stainless steel, chrome plated steel, 18 leafs, 320 elements.


An update version to the bank 91 years old logo, bringing the symbols od the community in to the logo , water - green -people


When Grove Bank & Trust moved to its new home in Coconut Grove, in Miami, Florida, the bank commissioned Coconut Grove artist Zammy Migdal to create a sculpture for the entrance to the bank. “The Grove” is a stainless and chrome plated steel sculpture that Migdal created to represent the logo of the Bank, formerly knowns as the Coconut Grove Bank. One of the oldest banks in the US Southeast and the oldest continuously operating banks in Miami Dade County since 1926, the Bank has served Miami’s pioneers in many important capacities since its inception.
Zammy Migdal’s steel and chrome wall sculpture synthesizes three intrinsic elements of Coconut Grove, the sea, its plants and its people. Migdal redefined the bank’s logo in a large scale unique interpretation by creating 320 original organic elements based on the various flora and sea elements found in Coconut Grove. To integrate the third element of the Grove, its people, Migdal finished the elements in chrome to allow the viewer to be reflected in the sculpture.