The Greeley Evans Transit Center, Greeley, CO

Submitted by Alien Artifact Studios, sculpture arm of BB Murals llc


Client: The City of Greeley

Location: Greeley, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Kim Snyder

The City of Greeley

Fabricator Office Manager

Jen Jasper

ClimbZone Production


A 40 ft. wall hung, exterior relief sculpture on a curved wall depicting the History of Public Transportation as it relates to Greeley, Colorado. This was the product of winning my first, relatively large national public sculpture competition with a budget of $50k. I worked with the Greeley Historical Museum to use Greeley specific photos of the various public transportation vehicles throughout the decades starting with horse and cart, vectorized them, colorized them, and turned them into life sized 3D “puzzle” pieces, using the CNC machine to contour cut the layers of 3/4″ marine grade MDO board, and UV inks from a large flatbed printer to transfer the images. There is an epoxy resin protective topcoat over each piece to make it water proof and weather resistant.


The goals were to design, fabricate, deliver and install a piece of public art on the facade of the Greeley Evans Transit Center that spoke to the history of public transportation and was Greeley specific.


I worked closely with Kim Snyder, Director of Public Art for the City of Greeley, to finalize the design and to work within the parameters of the project, including incorporating the pre-existing GET sign in the design, and making sure the artwork started 5 feet from ground level where the sprinklers could not reach it.

Considering I was in Maryland and she in Colorado, there was a lot of emailing back and forth. I had also located two people to assist me in the fabrication process once I arrived in CO with the artwork. That took some coordinating as they were traveling at the time, but it all worked out very well, and we installed without incident on time1

Additional Information

I am very proud of this accomplishment considering I had not tackled anything like this before, it was an out of state contract, and I was just learning the 3D software Rhino while designing the pieces.