The Genesee River Watershed - CODAworx

The Genesee River Watershed

Client: Rochester Museum and Science Center

Location: Rochester, NY, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Nancy Gong

Gong Glass Works

Landscape Architect

Tom Robinson, RLA

Barton & Loguidice


Dirk Schneider, AIA

CJS Architects

Lead Install Glazier

Chad Goforth

Rochester Glass Inc


An art glass design showcases the ecosystem of the Genesee River Watershed on a scupper rainwater harvesting system. With a finished size of 48 square feet, this educational work of art helps the museum tell the story of storm water management worldwide in four seasons – where the water comes from, where it goes and how it effects the quality of our water, all while making a direct connection to the region.


The goal of the Rochester Museum and Science Center's Regional Green Infrastructure Showcase is to show a variety of storm water management practices that visitors can learn about and put into action. The glass artwork tells the big picture story through an interactive, decorative, connective, and functional exhibit about the Genesee River Watershed. Using art as a means to highlight the hydrologic ecosystem cycle, in order to showcase the relationship between rain water, glass and light is critical to the design concept. The architectural glass work is a functional part of the rainwater harvesting system.


Glass artist, Nancy Gong, worked as artistic consultant with continuous involvement from concept design through final construction and installation. The project design team was a collaboration led by Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C with RMSC, CJS Architects and Gong Glass Works.

Additional Information

The desire for the use of color in an exterior application make the utilization of mouth blown sheet glass with water jet technology and new hand laminating processes the best artistic approach to the design. Without these technologies, this painterly design detail that withstands temperatures of -40° to desert temperatures would not otherwise have been possible with these rich colors to interact with daylight in the changing seasons. The artistic process lends it self to representational, abstract and conceptual design expressions on a large scale in interior and exterior environments in a modern and contemporary aesthetic.