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The Gathering

Submitted by Dan Droz

Client: BurnsScalo Real Estate

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team


Dan Droz

Droz Studios

Commissioning Client

Pamela Austin

BurnsScalo Real Estate


The Gathering is a 12′ sculpture sited at the entrance to the Heritage Trail, a 33 mile public park/trail that borders the rivers of Pittsburgh, PA and maintained by the City of Pittsburgh and Riverlife Pittsburgh. The sculpture was commissioned by BurnsScalo, for the plaza of its “Vision on Fifteenth” a multi-use commercial development located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s new technology zone and creates a focal point that defines the plaza space as a ‘gathering spot’ for cyclists and visitors the technology zone and Heritage Trail.


The goal of 'The Gathering" was to define the entrance to the Heritage Trail, a public park bordering Pittsburgh's rivers, as a gathering spot for cyclists and visitors.


The developer, BurnsScalo Real Estate, collaborating with the City of Pittsburgh and Riverlife Pittsburgh (who maintains the Heritage Trail, bordering Pittsburgh's rivers) had seen an exhibition of my sculptures and asked if I could develop a monumental sculpture at the entrance to the Trail, to define the space as a "gathering spot.' We prepared sketches and models and ultimately came to agreement on "The Gathering." We collaborated with local fabricators, and finishing contractors and had a ribbon cutting/"final bolt tightening" celebration on May 24, 2022

Additional Information

The project has received wide media attention (newspapers, monthly and quarterly publications and television) for creating a new focal point at the entrance to The Heritage Trail, one of Pittsburgh's leading attractions, in the heart of the 'Strip District,' Pittsburgh's new technology zone. It also activated a synergistic collaboration between the developer, city officials (such as the Office of Public Art) and non profits (including Riverlife Pittsburgh)