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The Future is Bright

Submitted by Erik Otto


Client: LinkedIn

Location: Omaha, NE, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $19,000

Project Team


Erik Otto



Julius Bercasio



Commissioned sculpture produced and installed in the main reception area for new office building using formed wood and custom programmed LED lights.


Overall art direction and light sequences help symbolize the ethos of the company itself, which is centered on productivity and connectivity. At the core, LinkedIn provides a professional networking platform that focuses on bringing connectivity and productivity in the modern working world. In the same manner, this sculpture reflects these same ideals — the center symbolizing the ethos of the company itself, while the surrounding bands of wood collectively forming a larger network. Each of the four lighting sequences provide visual cues directly inspired by both connectivity and productivity with individual lights and colors referencing a community of people interacting through the online platform. Two additional sequences include a pulse of light radiating from the center out symbolizing the heart beat and commitment to growth of a successful business while a repeating eclipse expresses how LinkedIn is shifting the working landscape


Artist (Erik Otto) was invited by client (LinkedIn) to conceptualize and produce an original work of art and light sculpture for their new office building. Client provided an Economic Graph which provided a source of inspiration for subject matter and concept. Artist was given creative freedom with paint colors and light sequences, but chose to keep paint colors within a similar range of existing brand color and produce light sequences each inspired by different philosophies of the companies vision.