The Four Seasons

Submitted by epiphany studios


Client: The Stand Gastro Bistro

Location: Birmingham, MI, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


April Wagner


John Kelly

The Stand Gastro Bistro


Paul Grosz

The Stand Gastro Bistro


Victor Saroki

Saroki Architecture


John Kelly, managing partner at the Stand Gastro Bistro restaurant in Birmingham, Michigan commissioned “The Four Seasons,” a custom site-specific sculpture in four parts. Each segment of the sculpture fills a 48″ x 48″ x 8″ niche along one wall of the dining room.


When architect Victor Saroki renovated the building for the arrival of the Stand Gastro Bistro, he designed a quiet, calming, and neutral atmosphere with rough wood textures and blousy curtains to allow the table and food to be the constant focal point of attention. John Kelly and April Wagner worked together to conceptualize a four part sculpture that would add flair to the dining room while still complementing the gourmet cuisine of Chef Paul Grosz.


April worked closely with John Kelly and Paul Grosz in determining the themes of each of the four parts of "The Four Seasons." The seasons are each represented by produce and menu items that reflect the different growing and harvesting periods. Spring is represented by ramp, basil and fiddleheads, summer by clams, autumn by gourds and squash, and winter by ice wine grapes. The resulting artwork elevates the dining room from an already elegant space to one that pays homage to the local foods of southeastern Michigan.