The Flybrary - CODAworx

The Flybrary

Submitted by Christina Sporrong

Client: private

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Christian Ristow





The Flybrary is a 20-foot large steel head with book-like birds flying out of the top. The expression on the face is one of contemplation. The face itself is nonbinary and is a mixture of all races, colors, and creeds. The birds represent our thoughts, the eyes thoughtfully looking up towards them.The interior space of the Flybrary can be opened to the public and has acted as a fantastical library within a head. It has a counter space, several catwalks, neural inspired chandeliers and reading nooks and bookshelves. It has its own curated library filled with books relating to free thought, new ideas, political theory, the environment, flight, classics, and esoteric books.
In a time where actions can be so limited by circumstances beyond our control, we must harvest our power within, our ability to think, learn and discover new ways of seeing that what surrounds us. We must know our history so we can invent better ways to be in the world.


The Flybrary was created with the help of a Burning man Honoraria grant in 2019.