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The Five Hearths – Municipal Building Bollards

Client: Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis - CR&SH Studio Art

Location: Greensboro, NC, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


CR&SH Studio Art


Bullseye Studio


Practically, this series of five 2.5” thick sculptures set into concrete serve as bollards for a municipal plaza. Aesthetically responding to the Brutalist architecture of the government building they precede, they also playfully invite people to investigate the colorful glass, which is lit at night. Each glass component has a theme capturing Greensboro, North Carolina’s civic pride, identity and diversity. Each cast glass element ranges in size from 24″ x 9″ to 25″ x 11″.


The goal for this project was to make artwork that created a physical barrier to vehicles, yet presents - first and foremost - as public artwork that creates space promoting the health and happiness of the community. The design of the bollards invites intimate pedestrian interactions with the work, and is simultaneously readable at a distance to those driving by.

Further, according to the artists, Greensboro, NC is built on a shared appreciation of innovation, diversity, education, the outdoors, and its role as the “Gate City”. “The Five Hearths” bollards intend to reflect the moments that, taken together, have created a community and a city to be proud of, and they honor the citizens who cross through the plaza everyday.


Commissioned by the Cemela Foundation, the husband and wife team of Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis (CR&SH Studio Art) envisioned the project in glass and subcontracted Bullseye Studio to be the glass caster. Crystal and Shelby made the artwork and models and Bullseye Studio performed the reverse relief casting and hand finished the glass slabs. Bullseye also consulted on how to light and install the glass in the concrete bollards.