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The Door

Submitted by Julian Sandpaper

Client: SKK Developments

Location: SACRAMENTO, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Sotiris Kolokotronis

SKK Developments, CEO

Art Consultancy

June Steckler

Groundswell Art


Crafted a $30,000 ten-foot sapele wood door for Mansion Apartments in Sacramento, California. Adorned with individually crafted wooden tiles, this sculptural marvel draws inspiration from Sacramento’s allure, featuring intricately carved details reflecting the city’s rich tapestry. From the sinuous curves of irrigation pipes to the weathered patina of old bricks, each element pays homage to Sacramento’s past and present. In 2023, the Mansion Apartments project earned the prestigious CoStar Impact Award, as the multifamily development project of the year in Sacramento. The door stands as its hallmark architectural feature. This installation led to two further commissions at the apartment complex.


The objectives of integrating a custom door into The Mansion Apartments project are twofold: to honor the site's rich history and to elevate the entrance experience for residents and visitors. With 1517 H Street's profound roots in Sacramento's history, the commissioned artwork echoes the textures surrounding the building, serving as a tribute to its past.

Incorporating a custom door was pivotal to the project's overall design, as it establishes a distinct identity and character for the community. The door functions as a visual narrative, reflecting the legacy of the original Mansion Inn and its significance within Sacramento's cultural landscape. Moreover, the artwork introduces texture and sculptural depth to the physical spaces, transcending the apartment from mere living quarters to a dynamic and immersive environment.

Furthermore, the integration of commissioned artwork enhances the development's appeal and marketability. The custom door stands as the focal point of the building, embodying its ethos of seamlessly blending history, culture, and modern living to create a cohesive and welcoming place to live.


Groundswell Art Consultancy played a pivotal role in facilitating the connection between our company and SKK Developments, securing the project for us. They provided valuable insights into the project requirements and acted as a liaison between all parties involved. Their expertise in art consultancy ensured that the door project aligned with the overall vision and aesthetic of Mansion Apartments.

SKK Developments, as the client, provided clear direction and expectations for the project. We worked closely with their team to understand the site-specific details and architectural elements of Mansion Apartments. Regular communication and feedback sessions allowed us to refine our designs and ensure that the door would complement the overall design scheme of the building.

Throughout the collaboration, transparency, open communication, and a shared commitment to excellence were key pillars that facilitated a successful outcome. By leveraging each other's strengths and expertise, we were able to bring the door project at Mansion Apartments to fruition, creating a unique and impactful piece of art that enhances the entrance experience for residents and visitors.

Additional Information

This project at Mansion Apartments was not just about creating a functional door but about crafting a statement piece that would serve as a focal point for the entire building. Groundswell Art Consultancy's keen eye for design and understanding of the client's vision were instrumental in bringing this project to life. The door we built is more than just an entryway; it's a work of art that reflects the essence and character of Mansion Apartments. Its design incorporates elements inspired by the history and culture of Sacramento, adding a unique and meaningful touch to the building's facade. Working with SKK Developments allowed us to be part of a larger vision for creating vibrant and sustainable communities. By collaborating closely with all stakeholders, we were able to ensure that the door project aligned seamlessly with the overall goals and objectives of the development. In the end, this project exemplifies the power of collaboration and creativity in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments. We are proud to have been part of this endeavor and look forward to seeing how it contributes to the identity and vibrancy of Mansion Apartments for years to come.