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The Consent

Client: Rosewood Arts Centre

Location: Kettering, OH, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Terry Welker

Welker Studio

Public Art Agent

Tracy Flagg

Rosewood Arts Centre

Public Art Agent

Shayna McConville

Rosewood Arts Centre


Jenny Montgomery

Welker Studio


Temporary interactive gallery installation, 10’h x 30’w x 30’d. Corrugated plastic, stainless steel and handmade pillows. The work is one continuous interconnected sculpture that responds to air movements and touching. Visitors are actively encouraged to interact with the installation and take”selfies”.


This installation is inspired by a poem, The Consent, by Howard Nemerov. It pays homage to the annual autumn phenomena of falling Gingko leaves which are plentiful in Dayton, Ohio. It encourages people to be fully engaged with their bodies and minds, allowing people to touch the art or even lay on it.


This was part of a bi-annual public art call for entry process. After re-installation at Indiana University, it is being repurposed, reconfigured for permanent installation in two local high schools. Terry Welker, FAIA, recruited Jenny Montgomery, Dayton STEM School art teacher to assist and collaboratively teach high school students about mobiles.

Additional Information

Another rich memory of fall is the activity of raking leaves into piles only for the pleasure of laying in them. This installation invites you to take a simple rest in the pile of Gingko pillows.