Submitted by Jon Barlow Hudson


Client: Tim Riordan, City Mngr. Ret. Dayton, OH

Location: Dayton, OH, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Tim Riordan

Industry Resource

Jim Higgins

Folio Design Haus


Jon Barlow Hudson


Retired City Manager wanted to honor the Public Servants he had worked with during his professional life. Initially the idea of a sculpture was put out: my response to the brief was conceptually what we ended up with. The committee and I worked out the specific details regarding quotes, layout, fonts, siting, etc. I proposed using an Air Force granite surface plate: 8 ft. hi. x 6.5 ft. w. x 16″d.


Riordan took the idea of a sculpture from a project his friend had done down the street from the site in the park that includes the Central Library. He ran a competition to get sculptural ideas He and the committee liked mine the best. Once my proposal for the stone with 2 interconnected seats was accepted, we worked out how to incorporate the quotes. We determined to engrave 12 quotes on the upper surfaces, so that one would have to walk round the stone to read all of them.


Myself, Project Manager Jane Black, Tim Riordan and his 4 other committee members all met many times to refine the concept to it's current form. Once form was set, then we determined the final 12 quotes and their layout. The graphic designers at Folio Design Haus spent a lot of time working out the layout. The final piece it was ultimately sand blasted by Kelly Nickol of J & E Services.