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The Chromilluminator

Client: Virginia Tech Science Festival

Location: Blacksburg, VA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


The Color Project

The Color Project TM research - design - fabrication


Darcy Meeker Fine Art

Darcy Meeker Fine Art

Industry Resource

Chris Angileri ThankQ Tech

Chris Angileri ThankQ Tech


Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology


The Chromilluminator is enclosed in a custom built structure that reduces outside sensory and perceptual stimuli. Software was developed by our design team to cycle through fifteen color combinations. The process uses the participant’s skin as the reflective surface for the projected light. The Color Project TM uses TV colors (R-G-B) and printing colors (C-M-Y). The color pairs mix in unexpected ways especially when reflection and projection are added. The light technology allows participants to explore a surprising and compelling environment, and what they find may be unexpected and delightful.


We are launching a promotional package for episodic rental of The Color Project Kinetic Light Experience. Our goal is a STEAM-based modular public art experience. We will prepare a brochure with each available component explaining its functions. Intended markets include hospitals, museums, schools, libraries and festivals. We employed the Virginia Tech exhibit as an opportunity for photo and video, compatibility and placement of components, receptivity in public spaces and pricing.


Darcy Meeker, artist and founder of The Color Project, has been expanding her public art experience for more than 20 years. As our creative director she supplies us with an endless stream of ideas. Elizabeth Shukwit, artistic director, is focused on RFPs and RFQs for public art and assists in fabrication (she is known as the paint and polymer girl). We do all of our web design, graphic design, software programming, systems design, digital light art and videography editing in-house thanks to Chris Angileri. Our lead artist and fabricator Cameron Stallings airbrushes all of our public art structures. Brett Nichols fabricates in conjunction with Cameron and Lara Miller is studio assistant to Darcy. Jim Pease, our Ph.D. grant writer, is instrumental in keeping our feet grounded in the business challenges of art.
Our dedication to creating public art experiences that inspire curiosity and deep appreciation of each other’s creative talents has made for a successful and fun collaboration.

Additional Information

The booth captures three photos of each participant that can be uploaded to social media and printed for the participant to remember the experience and share it with others. There is a monitor on the outside of the Chromilluminator for public viewing. The images from inside the photobooth can also be projected onto a larger surface or on the ground. We research how color influences emotions and actions. This research is applied to our public art installations. We are curious and gathering data from inside The Chromilluminator.