The Canopy Crown - CODAworx

The Canopy Crown

Submitted by Leonel Matheu

Client: Zoo Miami/Miami-Dade Parks Recreation and Open Spaces

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Leonel Matheu

Public Art Agent

Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs, Art in Public Places


This piece works with the environmental light. It creates an interactive experience while projecting different animal silhouettes. They are in constant movement depending on the light position during the day and night.


"The Canopy Crown" is made by a group of pieces with different animal silhouettes to form a crown in the periphery of the canopy. When integrated to the canopy, the curved pieces will be intercalated in cloud forms, and in white, blue and green. These last two colors will show multiple animal silhouettes from ZooMiami. These figures are intended to captivate the attention from the visitors, and it creates awareness and information about the type of animals in the Zoo as well as a whimsical decoration of the site.


It required the artist to contract engineering work in collaboration with the installation, and permits.

Additional Information

The Canopy Crown was visualized by artist Leonel Matheu to provide a symbolic impression to the visitor as it is floating on the sky and upheld or sustained by a group of clouds. The colors selection is based on the environmental colors spectrum to create a harmonic effect.