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The Butterfly Tree

Client: Judy Sutton Moore

Location: Fort Washington, MD, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $110,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Ben Fichtner

Providence Engineering

Industry Resource

Smucker Laser Cutting

Smucker Laser Cutting

Industry Resource

Jerry Sensenig

Charles S. Shirk Trucking

Industry Resource

Ben Blaney

ART Research Enterprises, Inc.


Judy Sutton Moore


Crafted from 316L High Chromium Steel, this magnificent sculpture features individually cut butterflies meticulously attached to the tree. After artist Judy Sutton Moore finalized the model and drawing for the Butterfly Tree: Each butterfly, also made from 316L High Chromium Steel, boasts a polish finish on the butterflies and sating on the tree, adding to its allure. Standing at an impressive 22 feet in height and 27 feet in width, the Butterfly Tree is a captivating addition to any environment.


The Southern Regional Tech/Rec Complex in Fort Washington, MD is where the Butterfly Tree was placed. The complex is designed to engage the patrons with nature and a sense of community. There were 100 Butterflies released during the dedication.


The artist worked in collaboration with ART Research after she had completed the design stage with the community. Scale Models were created by the artist and ART Research collaborated with Providence Engineer's to create patterns from artist model. Smucker Laser took the file and laser cut the individual butterflies. The artist and our staff worked hand-in-hand on the fabrication of the tree along with the placement and welding of the individual Polished butterflies. The metal finish on the Tree was a random orbital finish and the Butterflies had a polished finish. We coordinated with Shirk Trucking on the transport of the oversized tree and the state highways of PA and MD. Installation was achieved using a crane to remove the sculpture off the truck with ART Research installation crew supervising and was placed and installed in the garden area of the complex.

Additional Information

Dimensions of the Tree: 22'x27; H x 16'x27; W x 12'x27; D