The Bookmaker [Portal 3] - CODAworx

The Bookmaker [Portal 3]

Submitted by Zoldyc

Client: Private

Location: Savannah, GA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $2,500

Project Team

Creative Direction, Fabrication, Photography

Michael Riccardo

Zoldyc LLC

Sound Design, Audio Implementation

Mark Anthony Manceri

Shark Anthony

Costume Design

Elsa Ramsay

Zoldyc LLC


Welcome to the Bookmaker’s workshop: an otherworldly realm of mystery and craftsmanship. Designed for Zoldyc’s inaugural two-night exhibition, this installation lures viewers into the enigmatic world of a solitary figure immersed in a mystical printing process. The 10 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft space, artistically filled with wood, glass, fabric, light, and found objects, forms an intriguing, alien workshop atmosphere. With the hooded figure from the Portal image absent, viewers are invited to explore the meticulously detailed workspace and piece together its cryptic narrative, instilling a sense of curiosity and wonder.


The primary goals of incorporating the Bookmaker artwork into this project were to captivate the audience, challenge their perception of reality, and stimulate them to construct a narrative around the space's purpose. The design aimed to pique viewers' curiosity, as the story of the workshop and its mysterious inhabitant isn't entirely disclosed. The seamless integration of visual elements, including the Portal image and the intricate details of the workshop, played a crucial role in achieving these objectives. By immersing the audience fully in the Bookmaker's enigmatic world, this installation provided a thought-provoking experience that left a lasting impression on attendees.

Additional Information

Portal #3, the "Bookmaker," is the third in Zoldyc's series of captivating installations. A Zoldyc Portal pairs an intriguing Portal Image with an immersive installation, inviting viewers to experience the world depicted in the photograph. The "Blue Tree" installation features blue light spots, glowing mushrooms, and a subtly distorted forest soundscape, creating a mesmerizing environment that transports visitors into the fantastical realm of the image. The installation encourages curiosity and exploration, as viewers seek connections and build their own narratives.