The Barley House Installation - CODAworx

The Barley House Installation



Location: Suffolk, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2010

Project Team

Art Consultant

Oliver Page and Andrew Farrar

Backwardsroll Productions


Jacob van der Beugel


To create an archtitectural ceramic piece that occupied an entire 15m long internal shelf. The ceramics mimic the funtion of the space the shelf travels through. In this way the vessels become a visualisation in simple forms of function. The colour gradates from black to ephemeral yellow as the piece moves from inside to nearing the outside. Overall, the handmade wheel thrown vessels produce a musical and visual quality that speaks of its own surrounding space.


Integration was the driving factor. The vessels speak of the space they moves through, in how they are clustered and their height in relation to each other. Their colour unifies the entire space conceptually and visually.


The artist collaborated with the residents of the space to ensure he undertood the function of the space. During the video production a bespoke music score was created by celebrated composer Felix Erskine.